Yes, Our Troops Were Ordered To Ignore Afghan Pedophiles

American troopers are being reproved for processing the whistle on the systematic rape and enslavement of young boys at the hands of brutal Afghan Muslim military officers.

Honorable men in uniform risked their careers and lives to prevent the abuse. Yet, the White House — that was busy tweeting regarding its new feminism-pandering “It’s On Us” campaign against AN alleged college-rape crisis supported debunked statistics — is AWOL on the particular paedophilia epidemic called bacha bazi.

On Th, Obama administration flacks went out of their thanks to downplay Afghan kid rape as “abhorrent,” however “fundamentally” an area “law-enforcement matter.”

This is the value the innocents procure blind ism.

A New royal family Times report on the Afghan Muslim apply in the week garnered attention and outrage on the Hill — and prompted a watercourse of denials from Obama executive department brass, United Nations agency insisted our troops weren’t ordered to seem the opposite means.

But the subjugation and regulatory offense of those youngsters — and their victimization by Afghan military personnel operating aboard our troops — isn’t new.

Afghan journalist Najibullah Quraishi’s documentary on “The recreation Boys of Afghanistan” airy in London and therefore the u. s. in 2010. The world organisation has proverbial and done nothing as Taleban warlords and Afghan police sleek, sodomized and sexually trafficked generations of young boys.

The U.S. State Department acknowledged last year that “there were reports security officers and people connected to the ANP (Afghan National Police) raped youngsters with freedom.”

In Feb, I according on the case of Maj. Jason Brezler. He’s still fighting for his name ANd his military career once warning colleagues of an corporate executive attack on an yank base within the Helmand province.

Refresher: The extremely embellished Marine reserve civil affairs officer had sent a classified document through his personal e-mail account to fellow Marines at Forward in operation Base urban center in 2012.

The correspondence, that came in response to AN FOB urban center Marine’s request for info, concerned the shady history of Taliban-tied Afghan police captain and defendant drug baron and deviant Sarwar January.
Jan had been suspected of coordinating Taleban operations, marketing Afghan police uniforms to our enemies and raping a minimum of 9 boys aboard.

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