Sean Hannity: The Russia Hoax Was The Biggest Con Job In U.S. History, But Equal Justice Is Coming

we, the yankee individuals  are the victims of the most important con job in yankee history. each second, every hour, every day, the Democrats, the hate-Trump media mob perpetrated a lie. each time they aforesaid Russia, Russia, Russia, collusion, collusion, they were smearing, besmirching ANd slandering a duly-elected president of the us and attempting to undo an election.

The hate-Trump media unfold unbelievable conspiracy theories and lies. They betrayed their audience. They don’t care in any respect concerning the reality.They tried to destroy a 16-year-old child with nothing however unsupported lies. They didn’t build one telephone call to do and ensure the story. they simply build it up and that they bludgeon a 16-year-old child only for carrying a MAGA hat.That’s what quantity these individuals within the media, within the party, hate Trump.

Now, there was no basic analysis within the case of Jussie author. If the narrative works to bash Trump, use it. Don’t forget the “I believers” once it came to Justice Kavanaugh, or once they kicked off to destroy, return to Richard Jewell, the Duke field game children, the scholars at the middle of the pretend UVA rape case, the Cambridge police smear, the Ferguson lawman, Darren Wilson, UN agency was guilty by the media accusation. Or the urban center police — same issue, guilt by accusation.

By the way, on all of these cases, we tend to were right, they were wrong. and that we saw it over and once again on Trump. And wherever are the apologies these days when the discharge of the Mueller report? wherever are the retractions? wherever are the corrections? obscurity to be found. simply the other. they’re currently doubling-down on hysteria and reckless reportage. they’re currently obsessive about obstruction.

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