Hey Trump Supporters! Robert De Niro Is Officially Done With You.

Screen legendRobert DE Niroisn’t simply business out Donald Trumpanymore. He’s additionally apparently through with the president’s supporters.

IndieWire asked the betray honour winner concerning the success of the “Roseanne” revive, during which the title character could be a Trump supporter, as comedian Roseanne Barris in reality.

“I’ve ne’er seen her show before, I didn’t recognize she was supporting Trump, butI haven’t any interest in this,” role player told the web site. “We’re at a degree with all people this wherever it’s on the far side attempting to determine another person’s point of read. There are ways in which you’ll be able to speak about that, however we’re at a degree wherever the items that are happening in our country are thus dangerous and it comes from Trump.”

Given those issues, DE Niro’s in no mood to achieve out.

“I don’t care concerning Roseanne,” he over. “They need that factor, fine. we’ve real problems during this country.”

De Niro’s comments ought to come back as no surprise, given what he’s same concerning Trump within the past. Earlier this year, role player discharged the president as a “fucking idiot” and a “fucking fool,

then hit him with a brand new nickname: “jerk-off-in-chief.” He additionally same Trump had “sullied the presidency,” known as America beneath Trump “a tragic dumbass comedy” and raged concerning the “bullshit” cuts to arts programs that were projected within the president’s budget.

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