After Trump Promises Sanctuary Justice ! Top Democrat Mayor Falls Into Donald’s Trump

Top Democrat Mayor Falls Into Donald’s Trump

Good news people, it’s like somebody already fell into the Trump entice.

This week, we have a tendency to detected from a prime northern Democrat politician and he’s simply created a fool of himself. None apart from Bill Delaware Blasio himself – the ny politician.

Apparently, he’s got a controversy with border jumpers. As presently as Trump created his announcement, he angrily told the New York Post: “It’s illegal . it’s simply plain illegal . we’ll meet him in court. we’ll beat him in court.”

I am thus confused, aren’t you?

How is Delaware Blasio victimization the word “illegal” once the complete construct of a sanctuary town is against the law. And if you’re willing to interrupt federal law to shield those who jumped the border, shouldn’t you be acceptive them with open arms?

I simply don’t dig. Democrats have perpetually gotten things backwards however this can be thus insincere, it defies ANY clarification. Trump’s plan to send border jumpers to sanctuary cities looks a lot of sort of a political tactic… as in, the President is looking Democrats’ bluff.

To me, I imagine Donald sitting there within the Oval Office thinking to himself: You like illegals thus much? Okay, here. Take ’em.

Wait … oh, you have got a controversy with what I’m doing? however why? I thought illegals weren’t a problem; i assumed you really liked shielding them from the law…”

It simply looks like an ideal entice. And Democrats like Delaware Blasio fell directly into it! Isn’t that hysterical? The politician of a lawless sanctuary town threatening to sue the President for causing border jumpers their method. It simply boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

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